A Safari, a Greyhound, and a Grand baby

The end of July is upon us and that means I have some new things to share with you all!

My July Loopy Safari project was Thea Coleman’s Greyhound Shawl – I knit mine out of BMFA Socks that Rock and it turned out very well! I liked the pattern very much – it will be a welcome item come fall – just enough to keep the chill away with rich deep colors!

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All Things Being Equal

Today, something truly amazing happened, SCOTUS in a 5-4 ruling said that all citizens of the United States of America have the right to marry whomever they choose.

I am sad that it was not unanimous and sadder still at some of the things that were said by the four dissenters – namely Justices Scalia and Thomas. It is apparent that even appointment to the highest court in the land does not preclude one from being a complete and total idiot.

Bravo to Justice Kennedy for the closing paragraph of his opinion which I believe are the sweetest words I have read in a very long time.

Most Beautiful WordsYes indeed, Gentle Reader, love indeed wins.

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A Grandbaby’s a ‘Comin

In a few short weeks, my first grand baby will be here and I could not be more excited. As you can imagine, I have been doing some knitting for this little one. It was a pleasant task to knit my favorite baby sweater pattern – EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket for my first grand baby! I think it turned out beautifully and it will get some use before she grows, as it is chilly at night in Northern Michigan. I made a pair of Saartje’s Booties and a rolled brim hat with the remainder of the skein. I am eager to head to Michigan tomorrow to spend some time with my daughter, attend her baby shower, and enjoy all things baby for a few days.

Baby Knitting

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On Sweater Island

And I never want to leave…

This month is a month to remember – the month in which I finished not one, but two sweaters!

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