A Sweater for the Ages

Sweater knitting has been my Waterloo.

I have knit sweaters before only to be insanely unhappy with my yarn choice, or my pattern choice, or the fit, or any combination of those items. Until this point, there has been no sweater success in my knitting life.

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Where There Are Sheep

There is sure to be wool. Even an over-abundance of wool.

Early yesterday morning, I boarded a bus bound for the one and only Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. My excitement was at a fevered pitch after reading blog posts about what to do.

I had made my lists, I had highlighted some vendors that I deemed “must see”, and I had a map of the festival.

However, I really had no idea of what to expect at all. I was delusional in thinking that I would have time to lunch with new friends, see everything I wanted to see, and have a leisurely amount of time to complete everything.

First off, I have been to fiber festivals before but I had absolutely no idea of the volume of people who would be at the Howard County Fairgrounds – much less that they would all be in Miss Bab’s booth looking for exactly what was on my list! Yet let me tell you about Fiber Folk – they are a kind and gentle lot. There was no pushing, no shoving, no grabbing – but rather, people who helped each other find things. These are not the “Black Friday” masses in any way, shape, or form – even standing in the LONG line to pay there was no irritation or even any grumbling. Thank you fans of Miss Bab’s for renewing my faith in humankind – at least the segment of humankind that knits – I am proud to call you ‘my people’! I managed to snag a couple of treasures from Miss Bab’s and got my day off to a good start.

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Warm and Toasty on the Inside

I absolutely love things that are easy and I think “easy” should be the norm for all things in life. Unfortunately, this is not the case and many things are complex, complicated, and entirely lacking ease.

When I find something complex that is easy, it is a win! This recipe for Baked Pumpkin Steel Cut Oatmeal is just that: an easy dish that has complex flavors. In addition, it would work well with any number of fruits, making it a year round breakfast treat!

The bonus is that it makes a nice big pot of oats, so I won’t have to think about breakfast this week – which is a very good thing because my work schedule is currently insane right now.

Have a good week, Gentle Readers – nourish yourselves both inside and out!

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

I sometimes think the Pussy-Willows grey
Are Angel Kittens who have lost their way…
Oliver Herford, Rubaiyat of a Persian Kitten
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