Warm and Toasty on the Inside

I absolutely love things that are easy and I think “easy” should be the norm for all things in life. Unfortunately, this is not the case and many things are complex, complicated, and entirely lacking ease.

When I find something complex that is easy, it is a win! This recipe for Baked Pumpkin Steel Cut Oatmeal is just that: an easy dish that has complex flavors. In addition, it would work well with any number of fruits, making it a year round breakfast treat!

The bonus is that it makes a nice big pot of oats, so I won’t have to think about breakfast this week – which is a very good thing because my work schedule is currently insane right now.

Have a good week, Gentle Readers – nourish yourselves both inside and out!


With a Sense of Urgency

“Beware the ides of March.” William Shakespeare

The Ides of March are upon us and with each passing day, the grasp that winter has on us loosens. The Snowdrops outside my back door are bravely baring their blossoms to the hints of warmer weather that have coaxed them forth. They have a sense of urgency…

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Partly Cloudy With a Dose of Bottled Sunshine

I saw this recipe on a blog recently and it peaked my interest. The only problem, the grapefruit’s at the market were A. not on sale and B. they did not look appealing at all. However, oranges were and they were bright and sunny and blemish free.

The wheels of my brain began turning; oranges and a bit of fresh basil might be just what the Dregs of Winter needed to foster the hope of more sunshine and warmer weather.

The recipe is surprisingly simple. It would work with a variety of fruit and herb combinations and really, why wouldn’t you want to make seasonal beverages to brighten your day?

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