Wool Mania with Beth Smith

I love wool and I really love people who share my obsession.

In my perfect world, Beth Smith would be my next-door neighbor, I would be able to have her over for tea, and we would spin together. She would share her vast knowledge of all things wool from her encyclopedic brain and I would become her best student – soaking up every bit of what she knows and using it to improve my spinning skills.

Such a dream could only be improved if Beth lived with me and was there to answer every question and show me how to do all things wool. Every. Minute. All. Day.

Sadly, I do not think that Beth’s family would like it if she moved in with me but imagine my good fortune when I discovered a way that I could have Beth in my house 24/7!

How, you ask?

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Of Lichens and Wool

 Cla·do·nia noun \kləˈdōnyə, -nēə\ :  a genus (the type of the family Cladoniaceae) of lichens characterized by its crustose plant body and capitate fruiting bodies borne in simple or branched podetia


I am not sure if this is what Kirsten Kapur had in her mind’s eye when she designed Cladonia, but I would like to think so. As this shawl is built one band of color upon the previous – like a log, split in half and laid open for all to see with the Cladonia growing neatly from her surface. The lace work edging gives the shawl an ethereal covering on the bands of solid color – they compliment each other off wonderfully.

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My summer at Camp

This was the second summer that I participated in Camp Loopy and it was as fun this year as it was last year. I completed three projects over the summer months, two of which checked off items on my “Gift Knitting” list.

Our project for August was to select a color that we love, I took the opportunity to do a bit of “selfish” knitting for myself, and I selected a pattern by Melanie Berg that had been in my Ravelry queue for some time now. My Beautiful Golden Green was just what was needed to finish out my summer camp. The pattern is very well written and a truly fun knit with enough to keep your interest while easy enough to make it almost be a mindless knitting project. I selected the yarn that Melanie knit hers out of – madelinetosh tosh light in the Filigree color way. The colors are spectacular, but the yarn itself was the antithesis of that. In the first few yards of knitting, I had over a dozen knots. This continued throughout both skeins, which led me to think this was not an anomaly. It was enough to put me off madelinetosh for any future projects. A very sad determination indeed, as  her colorways are so lovely.


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