Let Us Eat Cake!

Last week there was a birthday in our house, so I got out the cake pans and scoured cookbooks and the internet for a recipe that looked interesting. The request was for a “yellow” cake – so I found this butter cake recipe and I followed it exactly. The results were good, but next time I would tweak the ingredients a bit – I like a moister cake. However, for frost-ability this cake scored very high marks!

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The Spinning of a Yarn

I recently got a Schacht Matchless and to say I adore it is an understatement. It is an amazing wheel and I am getting my spinning groove back.

In my box Spunky Eclectic had tucked some lovely fiber  and so I divided the fiber in half with a goal of plying the yarn keeping each color separate with gentle gradient transitions between each color change.

I would say my results were very good and the process gave me a good refresher in spinning and plying. I had some thinner spots in spinning, but as I continued, my consistency got better and I achieved a move even single. My plying had some spots where I over spun a bit, but I did not let that deter me and I forged ahead working on applying just enough twist to balance out my yarn. I skeined it up and sent it off to the tub for a nice bath and I ended up with a 2-ply yarn that had 16 WPI.

I tweaked this lozenge stitch scarf pattern and cast on 122 stitches and joined in the round to make a cowl and my results were more than pleasing.



Girding your loins against Old Man Winter

With Old Man Winter holding us firmly in his grasp, my thoughts turn to an array of comfort foods – ones that are warm, satisfying, and that might just conjure up distant memories of childhood past. Now, while my poor mother was not a spectacular cook by any stretch of the imagination, she would on occasion make some rice pudding. It was truly a superb treat to come home to on a cold winter’s day.

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