All Things Being Equal

Today, something truly amazing happened, SCOTUS in a 5-4 ruling said that all citizens of the United States of America have the right to marry whomever they choose.

I am sad that it was not unanimous and sadder still at some of the things that were said by the four dissenters – namely Justices Scalia and Thomas. It is apparent that even appointment to the highest court in the land does not preclude one from being a complete and total idiot.

Bravo to Justice Kennedy for the closing paragraph of his opinion which I believe are the sweetest words I have read in a very long time.

Most Beautiful WordsYes indeed, Gentle Reader, love indeed wins.

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A Grandbaby’s a ‘Comin

In a few short weeks, my first grand baby will be here and I could not be more excited. As you can imagine, I have been doing some knitting for this little one. It was a pleasant task to knit my favorite baby sweater pattern – EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket for my first grand baby! I think it turned out beautifully and it will get some use before she grows, as it is chilly at night in Northern Michigan. I made a pair of Saartje’s Booties and a rolled brim hat with the remainder of the skein. I am eager to head to Michigan tomorrow to spend some time with my daughter, attend her baby shower, and enjoy all things baby for a few days.

Baby Knitting

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On Sweater Island

And I never want to leave…

This month is a month to remember – the month in which I finished not one, but two sweaters!

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A Sweater for the Ages

Sweater knitting has been my Waterloo.

I have knit sweaters before only to be insanely unhappy with my yarn choice, or my pattern choice, or the fit, or any combination of those items. Until this point, there has been no sweater success in my knitting life.

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