My summer at Camp

This was the second summer that I participated in Camp Loopy and it was as fun this year as it was last year. I completed three projects over the summer months, two of which checked off items on my “Gift Knitting” list.

Our project for August was to select a color that we love, I took the opportunity to do a bit of “selfish” knitting for myself, and I selected a pattern by Melanie Berg that had been in my Ravelry queue for some time now. My Beautiful Golden Green was just what was needed to finish out my summer camp. The pattern is very well written and a truly fun knit with enough to keep your interest while easy enough to make it almost be a mindless knitting project. I selected the yarn that Melanie knit hers out of – madelinetosh tosh light in the Filigree color way. The colors are spectacular, but the yarn itself was the antithesis of that. In the first few yards of knitting, I had over a dozen knots. This continued throughout both skeins, which led me to think this was not an anomaly. It was enough to put me off madelinetosh for any future projects. A very sad determination indeed, as  her colorways are so lovely.


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Summer Time and the Eating is Easy…

Or – Trying to Cook All the Things

I have been trying to take advantage of the bounty of the season of both my garden and the local farmers markets.

I am certainly not short of great ingredients! The trick is to become creative in your use of the season’s bounty, because the same thing day in and day out can get boring no matter how good it is!

I have canned tomato sauce as well as a zippy little version of Rotel-Style tomatoes that will serve us well over the winter months. I have frozen fresh sweet corn that I cut from the cob, and I will be blanching green and yellow beans to freeze as well. I have pickled radishes and cucumbers. I roasted and froze some amazing poblanos and some great jalepenos too!



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Waves on the Shores of Lake Michigan

Well, Gentle Readers, I have survived the second month of Camp Loopy and this month our project needed to remind us of a place we like to be. For me it was an easy pick – I love the shores of Lake Michigan and so I began my search. I found Tincan Knits Estuary quickly and it was even easier to invite Mrs. Crosby along for the trip.

I loved the pattern – again kudos to Tincan Knits. This is my second project I have done for Camp Loopy. Last year I knit the Low Tide Cardigan and loved it so picking another of their patterns was easy.

Waves on the Shore of Lake Michigan 1

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My First Month at Summer Camp

June has been a busy month with little time for blogging or much else besides knitting.

Why you ask?

Loopy Camp had me glamping away this month!

For some time now, The Loopy Ewe has fostered a fun summer long knit along and last year was my first time to participate. I absolutely loved it and I have them to thank for the increase in my finished objects over the summer. I am participating again this year and our first month is over and I completed my project with a few days to spare. We had to select a project that reminded us of a favorite book, movie, or television show and it needed to use at least 600 yds of yarn.

It was so much fun looking through Ravelry for a pattern that fit the requirements; it was a bit easier since I really wanted to knit another knitspot pattern so I focused on Anne’s designs. When I saw her Boxleaf Triangle I knew I was on track – it would work nicely for my Game of Thrones theme. I easily found some yarn on the Loopy website and I was off and running.

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