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On Sweater Island

Some months ago, I was fortunate to be able to sign up for an online class with Amy Herzog on Custom Fit Sweater Knitting. We started at the very beginning – with the process of swatching, which I embraced whole-heartedly! I knit swatches from a wide variety of yarns.

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So Much Busyness

Ever since discovering the wonder that is 100 Acts of Sewing, I have been busy stitching up an assortment of Dress No. 2 frocks and one Dress No. 3 are completed. I am seriously in love with them, so much so I now have three tunic-style frocks from the Dress No 2 pattern, one lovely linen dress with some divine linen I got here. IN ADDITION, I have a lovely linen/cotton blend Dress No. 3.

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A Sweater for the Ages

Sweater knitting has been my Waterloo.

I have knit sweaters before only to be insanely unhappy with my yarn choice, or my pattern choice, or the fit, or any combination of those items. Until this point, there has been no sweater success in my knitting life.

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I can soufflé, can you?

I am bringing the “year of making” to as many aspects of my life as I possibly can, and one very easy way for me to do this is through the meals I make. With some very simple ingredients – farm fresh eggs, milk, cheese, and some diced ham, you can have a very elegant but entirely satisfying dinner.

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Sparks of Joy That Burn Brightly

(This) is the first thing I ever created. I was about 5 years old and my Nana (who was an amazing seamstress) was sewing and I wanted more than anything to learn. She helped me make this pin cushion. I cut out the pieces under her guidance and sewed them on her sewing machine. I was infinitely proud of this small project and a crafter was born.

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Right Now

We had a bit of a wonky weekend – Steve had a work function Friday and Saturday, so there was no usual Happy Hour. It made for weekend that did not feel like a weekend at all, but I did get some reading and knitting done. Drinking: Iced Coffee – warmer weather makes... read more

Friday with Merchant & Mills

Whatever plans I had for today went right out the window when the mail-woman brought this gem to my doorstep yesterday! A huge thanks my dear friend for loaning it to me! Fabric stash contemplation is commencing in three, two… But, before I go, I do have some amazing... read more

The Unbelievable Cuteness of Bunnies

Nestled between the Lavender and the Butterfly Bush, is a fairy tale nursery in my back yard. A trio of cuteness was discovered residing in my back yard yesterday. Last year there were baby bunnies under our rose bushes – perhaps the same Mom? Anyways, this year they... read more

Reading with a side of knitting

Wednesday, how I love you! You usher in the downhill ride to Friday while giving me a nice pause to review my week and refocus my priorities. And, you are also all about reading and knitting! Just ask Ginny! I started this book yesterday and I am hoping to get some... read more

I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse. Don Vito Corleone, The Godfather

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Irresistible Movies

It’s Tuesday and that means Carole is wondering this: 10 Movies You Have To Stop & Watch When You Come Across Them While Channel Surfing So pull up a chair and see what we can come up with! The Godfather The Wizard of Oz Holiday Inn Any of the Harry Potter movies Any... read more

Monday, Monday…

The weekend went far too quickly as it zoomed by at practically warp speed! (Beam me back to Friday, Scotty!! That Manhattan was so tasty as were the Friday eats!) It was a weekend with lots of some… Some unknitting and some knitting – I had to unknit a few rows of my... read more

Friday’s are for Fiber (and links!)

It’s Friday and that means a plethora of things to everyone, but across the board there is a collective sigh of relief that the work week is over and the weekend has, again, arrived! (And, it is Earth Day) Before the weekend begins, it is Fiber Friday at Casa del... read more

A Poem for Your Pocket

April marks the 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month and today is Poem-In-Your-Pocket-Day! To celebrate, I am sharing The Enkindled Spring by D.H. Lawrence. I hope you enjoy! Thanks to Kym for the lovely reminder’s she has shared all month-long! As you can see,... read more


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